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We continue our operations

The Regional State Administrative Agency has today, Wednesday 30th of October, approved our request for inhibition. The enforcement of our refused registration application is therefore suspended until a new ruling is made.

The decision enables us to continue our operations until the matter is finally processed and decided upon. This will ensure our customers and debtors a sustained handling of their cases.

We appreciate all support we have received, and we are grateful for the confidence and trust shown both from customers and debtors.

Regarding the new license application process

Due to new regulations, all debt collection companies in Finland have had to apply for a new license to operate. The Regional State Administrative Agency handles these applications. Annomen Oy has not been granted a renewed license by the Agency, due to the solvency of the company in the years 2015-2017.

We are surprised at the decision and confounded that it is based on old financial numbers, that do not reflect the profitable and financially stable company that Annomen is today. We therefore strongly disagree with the decision and have decided to appeal it.

This is a very regrettable situation that we aim to solve as soon as possible.

Have you received a letter from us?

When you, as a debtor, receive a letter from Annomen Oy you should treat it as you would any other claim. We have now started our outbound activities for debts that we have received from Alektum Oy. All these debts have been approved to be handled by us by their respective creditor/client.

Should you have a question regarding a letter you have received, please don’t hesitate to call us at +358 9 23134850We will do our best to assist you and to answer your questions.

Annomen Oy takes a decisive step, as we move to expand our business

Annomen Oy is proud to announce a strong step forward, as we take over the business of Alektum Oy. Annomen Oy will hereby be one of the leading debt collecting agencies in Finland, as we today fifth of February 2019, acquire this company’s assets.

Annomen Oy will now possess far-reaching quantitative capabilities without losing any of its well-known quality handling. Both in personnel strength as in data capacity Annomen is by this move becoming a leading Finnish debt collector – ready to take on more business.

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